Submission Policy

By submitting to ("website") you are giving us the right to include any images, videos or posts ("content") on this website under a specified location you have provided.

You agree that you are the owner of said content or have permission for the content to be shared. As TikTok is a public video sharing website and accounts have the right to private their content, TikTok content is not included and the right to post is assumed under the TikTok sharing policy. This applies to Twitter and Facebook with public tweets or other content.

When you submit a location the following information will be logged to prevent spam and potential DDOS attacks on our servers:

  • IP Address
Please note that this information is wiped regularly due to storage limits.

Content taken on public land (such as Photographs) are legally allowed within the laws of England Wales, where this website is hosted.

Submission Takedown

If an image of you has been shared on the website without your permission, please contact us via the contact email in the footer of the website and provide evidence that the content you are requesting to be removed is owned by you.

Any content takedown requests that do not contain proof of ownership will be ignored. This is inline with GDPR and laws under the court of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Any content that may potentially include a minor (anyone under the age of 13) will be taken down within 24 hours of a takedown request. Other requests may take longer.

Please note that we do not host any content on our servers, nor do we have access to takedown content on other websites that may host the content on their servers, such as TikTok, Twitter, Imgur or Facebook. An additional takedown request will need to be sent to the relevant contactee at those providers to have the content taken down there as well.

Submission Assumptions

All content submitted to the website is assumed safe to share publicly. If you do not wish for content to be shared on the website where it will become public, do not submit it. All information shared on this website is public content that can be found elsewhere on the internet, we have just put it into a database allowing people ("users") to view the content in an easy to use fashion.

We cannot be held accountable for any information that may have been accidentally shared within the content linked on this website.